Night's Diamond Eyes ❤


Hello there.  So this is my website where I will post many of my glorious Poems, Ideas, Rants etc.  I owe this beautiful idea to my amazing friend, kyra1245, who helps me with many things and is just absolutely amazing <3 lol I hope you all enjoy this site if you bother to read it.  And if you just want to be negative towards anything here, leave.  Like NOW.  I don't have time to deal with people like that.  ENJOY :)

A little about me

Basically I'm just a girl.  Teen girl, teen problems, teen thoughts (no pervy ones though :p) lol.  I really hope to find my true purpose and find my true love (if they're out there) before I become a boring, old adult XP
I absolutely LOVE poetry, music (rock, classical, etc.), art, and moonlit, rain walks :p lol I'm from the US but I'm a royal mutt!  Lol JK I'm not royal :) but I'm a Europe mix and oh so proud! :D  Lolz oh and I've actually got some Canadian in me eh :p love ya kira1245 :3 proud Canadians.  Well adios for now.


So if you haven't noticed, the theme of this site is a) about me and b) according to some people >.> a little depressing, yet inspirational :)  Comment if you wish and just tell me what you think of it.  And yes, all poems and artwork are done by the amazing me :)  Except for all of the inspirational ones. . .got those off the internet (love the people who did them)  So yup. . .that's the theme :D  And IDC if the picture has kinda nothing to do with the theme to you. . .it does to me :D  Lol JK love you all <3